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The curriculum at Atlantic Business School is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in international business. Students develop a strong foundation in diverse areas of business and management, such as marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and organizational behavior and learn how these are integrated within the wider the business environment. Later in the program, students expand on these competencies to develop theoretical and practical knowledge in the core fields, while simultaneously advancing individual and group skills.

The online Bachelor of Arts degree is a 4-year, 120 credit program.


COMS 101    English Composition I
COMS 102    Public Speaking
COMS 103    Interpersonal Communication 
PSY 101        Psychology I 
SOC 101       Sociology 
PHIL 101      Philosophy 
PHIL 102      Cognitive Science
STAT 101      Statistics
HIST 101      History of United States 
GE 111         Computer Basics  
GE 112         Confidence Building 
GE 113         Problem Solving Strategies 
GE 114          Job Interview Skills
GE 115         Study Skills   
GE 119         Personality Development

MGMT 120     Business Ethics 
MGMT 124     Management 
MGMT 130     Organizational Behavior
MARK 128      Principles of Marketing
MARK 231      Entrepreneurship 
ECON 101      Microeconomics 
FIN 122           Financial Accounting 

MARK 407      Marketing Strategy
MARK 410      Marketing Planning
ECON 405      Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 406      Intermediate Macroeconomics
MGMT 404     Risk Management
FIN 424           International Trade
MGMT 402     Project Management

FIN 223          Managerial Accounting  
FIN 227          Principles of Finance  
STAT 304        Research Methods  
ECON 202      Macroeconomics
MGMT 221     Leadership  
MGMT 232     Human Resource Management
MGMT 234     Managing Workplace Conflict  
MGMT 329     Business Strategy  
MGMT 333     International Business Management
MARK 306      Professional Selling  
MARK 308      Technology & Innovation
MARK 309      Advertising  
MARK 310      Consumer Behavior  
MARK 325      Digital Marketing  
MARK 326      Pitching and Negotiation Skills  

All courses are 3 credits 

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