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The Online Learning Model

  • Access your courses from anywhere via your laptop, phone, or tablet.

  • Utilize a modern online learning system to watch course lectures, access and submit assignments and assessments, monitor your grades, communicate with professors and classmates, engage in course discussions and manage your calendar.

  • Watch weekly live, virtual lectures (also recorded for later viewing).

  • Complete challenging follow-up assignments such as case studies, papers, problem sets, and group projects.

  • Interact regularly with classmates and professors via weekly online course forums and discussions.

  • Engage in business discussions with students from around the globe.

Student Schedules and Study Pace

  • Enroll in five (5) courses per semester.

  • Enjoy a one-week break in the middle of a 14-week semester.

  • Complete weekly assignments on your schedule.

Still have questions?

Contact an ABS representative today for additional assistance or to request more information.  We are here to help!

Resources and Support

  • Benefit from prompt and individualized feedback from your professors.

  • Enjoy access to a range of supplemental learning resources, including a robust virtual library.   

  • Support is always just a phone call or an email away.

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