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The curriculum at Atlantic Business School is designed to provide graduates with knowledge and experience needed to succeed in international business. Students develop a strong foundation in the diverse areas of business and management, including: marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and organizational behavior.  They also learn how these are integrated within the wider the business environment. Students expand on these competencies and develop theoretical and practice knowledge in the core fields, while simultaneously advancing individual and group skills.


The online MBA degree is a 2-year, 60 credit program.


Atlantic Business School


MGMT 601          Management
ECON 601            Microeconomics
ECON 602            Macroeconomics
MARK 700           Entrepreneurship
FIN-G 601            Financial Accounting
FIN-G 603            Principles of Finance
MARK 702           Principles of Marketing
MGMT 700          Business Strategy
MGMT 603          Leadership
MGMT 604          Business Ethics​

FIN-G 602            Managerial Accounting
MGMT 701          Human Resource Management
MGMT 601          Career Planning
MGMT 602          Personal Development
MGMT 702          Organizational Behavior
MGMT 703          Project Management
MGMT 704          International Business
MARK 701           International Marketing
MARK 703           Marketing Planning
MARK 704           Digital Marketing
MARK 705           Innovation Management
MARK 706           Pitching and Negotiation Skills
MARK 707           Launching a New Venture
MARK 708           Selling Skills
MARK 709           Sales Management

All courses are 3 credits

MBA Course List
MBA Course Descriptions
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