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What we do

The Atlantic Business School (ABS) welcomes students from around the globe to earn high-quality business degrees via a convenient online learning experience.  At ABS, students enjoy an international learning community and work to meet their academic goals with the virtual guidance and support of highly qualified faculty members. 


Why we do it

After conducting research with potential students from various countries, we found that their biggest obstacles in attaining a quality university education were: 1) high tuition fees, and 2) difficulties obtaining visas to the countries of their desired schools.  We understand those very real issues and worked to develop an affordable, high-quality, and globally-accessible business degree program by delivering it over the internet via an online learning model.  


How we do it

We employ a diverse and highly qualified group of instructors to work with our ABS students. Because our campus is virtual, we are able to attract top faculty from leading institutions around the world to lead our programs.  Atlantic Business School students have a very unique opportunity to experience a truly international education!   


Who are we? 

View a welcome message and meet our President, Dr. Kari Jääskeläinen:

Where we are 

The Atlantic Business School offers a completely online learning program.  There is no physical campus, and students may work from any location.  However, the school is licensed to operate as a postsecondary academic degree-granting institution in Louisiana by the Louisiana Board of Regents.  Therefore, students work towards and ultimately earn American business degrees. 


Note: The Atlantic Business School, Inc. is currently licensed by the Board of Regents of the State of Louisiana.   Licenses are renewed by the State Board of Regents every two years.  Licensed institutions have met minimal operational standards set forth by the state, but licensure does not constitute accreditation, guarantee the transferability of credit, nor signify that programs are certifiable by any professional agency or organization.

Where we are
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