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How can an online MBA help you to land that promotion?

An MBA degree is planned specifically to prepare the candidate to lead an organization and especially a business organization. An MBA gives you a holistic picture of all the functions of a business and even tools to start your own business. You will learn the principles of leadership and management as well as principles of all the vital functions like marketing, HR. accounting, finance and operations. So, every time a new leader is sought, an MBA is in a good position.

Online MBA combined with a degree from another discipline helps you landing a promotion

MBA combined with another specialty is a good fit. If you have work experience or a lower degree from e.g. engineering, law or bio-industry, the combination of those two will put you in a very favorable light when managing directors for those industries are sought. MBAs typically work in consulting, finance, consumer goods, high technology, health care, and also in government and non-profit organizations.

Also, online MBA networks help you to land a promotion

Studying in an MBA program is also an excellent networking opportunity. Many of your fellow students will have significant roles in their companies and industries. They will thus be able to hire you or choose to become customers of your organization. In addition to your fellow students, many other persons are looking to hire an MBA. In the GMAC 2016 poll 79% of employers expected to hire MBA graduates in 2017.

The fact that a person has completed the demanding MBA program shows that he has many of the characteristics that employers value. These include a broad skillset and the motivation and will needed to achieve one’s goals. MBA graduates are also regarded to be hard working, self-motivated and enjoying challenges. Having completed an MBA program shows that one copes well with pressure and doesn’t mind working long hours.

Many other avenues for promotion through an online MBA

Employers hire MBAs also for many other reasons, such as succession planning, to support company growth, business acumen, innovative thinking, new perspective, and often because previous MBA hiring have been successful.

Also, MBAs are known to be energetic and to have knowledge, technological abilities and the ability to help companies in managing their challenges.

Keeping all this in mind, it is no wonder many people take MBA in order to land a promotion or a new job opportunity.



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